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Black Bear Family Volunteer Policy

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Black Bear Hockey is a 100% volunteer-run organization. In order to provide our athletes with the ice time, on-ice practice gear and equipment (pucks, cones, bumpers, etc.), tournament experiences, uniforms, and the other elements required to make their season successful, our hockey community has to work together. 

While the volunteer Board of Directors and Committees work to manage the daily operations of the organization, there are many other needs for volunteers throughout the duration of the season.



So that our athletes have the experiences and funding they need to thrive, each family of an 8U Travel Mite up through our top tier 14U team is expected to volunteer a total of 10 hours during the season. The board reserves the right to require that some number of these hours be spent assisting with Black Bear Events and/or tournaments.

Intro to Hockey (learn to skate) and 8U House Mite families are expected to volunteer as much time as they can and are urged to target 5 hours during the season.

Volunteer expectations are per family. Families with multiple players are not expected to go over 10 hours. Extended family members can volunteer on a player's behalf. You may also donate completed hours to another family.

In addition to volunteer hours, each player is expected to sell 5 Cash Raffle tickets.



Note: As the following roles require significantly more than the 10-hour expectation, families volunteering in these positions are not required to track their hours on the time tracking sheet:

  • Board Member

  • Active Committee Member* 

  • VSAHA State Representative

  • Registrar

  • Team Scheduler

  • Head Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Parent Rep/Team Manager 

  • Active Locker Room Monitor** 

*activity approved/confirmed by committee head and board of directors
**activity approved/confirmed by parent rep and head coach


For families not participating in one of the roles above, the following options are available to complete your volunteer expectations:

  1. Run the game clock (1 hour per game).

  2. Operate a penalty box door at home games (1 hour per game).
    - Maximum 4 hours per family, per season.

  3. 8U practice assistant - off-ice assistance with skate tying, getting bumpers and nets on and off the ice, etc. (record your time).

  4. Record the game score and complete the required game sheet (1 hour per game).

  5. Volunteer at a Fundraising Event (i.e. Cornhole Tournament, Friday Night Lights, Calcutta, 50/50 ticket sales at Norwich or  High School games, etc.).  This could span from working an admissions table, selling 50/50 or raffle tickets, event set up/clean up etc. (record your time).

  6. Volunteer at a Black Bear Hockey sponsored tournament (Battle of North Country, Jolly Jam, Ike Lee, potential VSAHA tournaments, etc.).  Duties could include but are not limited to: set up/clean up, and tournament game day duties (i.e. penalty box, clock, score sheet, admissions table, etc.). (record your time).

  7. Volunteer at a try hockey for free event (record your time).

  8. Older and eligible siblings volunteering to be puck throwers for 8U House and Travel Mite games. Sign up here. (1 hour per game except for jamborees in which case record your time).

  9. Various other volunteering opportunities that are posted throughout the season. (record your time).

  10.  Cash Raffle Ticket sales:  For every 5 tickets sold beyond your initial 5, you will be credited 1 volunteer hour.

  11.  Sponsor the Black Bears or find a sponsor. For every $50 in sponsorships/donations you bring in, you can deduct 1 hour of volunteer time requirement (for example if you find a sponsor for your team's Friday Night Lights game at $350 deduct 7 hours from your total).



You may choose to opt out of the volunteer expectations by paying a fee of $475. Please contact our treasurer to arrange for payment. 

You may opt out of some of your volunteer hours by paying a fee of $50/hour.

If you do not fulfill your volunteering requirements by the end of the season, you will be billed $50/hr for each hour not completed.  Any outstanding balance for hours owed will prevent your player from registering for the following season until that balance is paid. Any outstanding balance for hours needs to be paid by March 15. 



All volunteer hours must be logged using this form.  Once you have completed your hours, please provide a signed copy to your parent rep/team manager.



Black Bear Hockey reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on the Black Bear Hockey website.


>> Time Tracking Form <<