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black bears academy

Welcome to Black Bear Hockey! We are excited you're here to learn more about our introductory-level programs through the Black Bears Academy. We're here to help you and your young player learn the sport together. Don't hesitate to ask a question because there's nothing we love more than talking, and talking, and talking about hockey!!

We currently offer five different programs to help get your athlete on the ice. The programs are available at a low, or no, cost to you. You can take advantage of the programs in conjunction with one another or independently depending on the time of the season and your player's abilities and experience level.

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SportsEngine App

Download the free SportsEngine App here. This is how you'll view your team's schedule and RSVP for practices, games, and events. Team chat and other features are available as well. Important: you must use the same email address the primary parent/guardian registered your player with.

Apple App Store  •  Google Play Store

How To Add A Second Parent/Guardian To The SportsEngine App

By default, one parent/guardian ("primary owner") will be added to the SportsEngine app at the time of registration. That primary owner can choose to add a second parent/guardian/user if they would like to. The second user will be able to RSVP and interact with the app the same way the primary owner does. Follow the steps below to add a second user:

  1. Click on the 'Account' button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on the player's name.
  3. Click the edit button on the bottom of the screen and select "add guardian".
  4. Enter the email address of the second guardian and send them the invite. Once they accept the invitation they will have the same level of access as the primary owner.

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